Caput Succedaneum | Symptoms, causes, treatment

Caput Succedaneum overview:

Have you ever thought about how does a baby come to in this world? It is not just any miracle or else, the mother takes the great amount of pain in delivering a baby. But there are many conditions a baby could fall into some sort of disease like caput succedaneum. Unfortunately, there are more than 80% cases in the world where newborn babies get infected due to the lack of knowledge and even so the mother’s health does not feed him enough while he is still in the womb.

This is a very important topic that needs to discuss for the public disclosure to give them accurate and perfect information in so many ways so their babies are born healthy and well without having any birthmark type issues or bad condition. One of the main health conditions for the newborn baby is called caput because when the baby is coming out of from the vagina and pulling with vacuum there are some misfortunes that could make him even worse. So you need to be careful while delivering a baby after nine months of time.

This is the reason below we have listed some real facts about caput succedaneum to help you understand what exactly it, what are the causes, symptoms, and how you can prevent it, also you will get to see some treatments along with other noticeable diseases that come with it. So you will get a right kind of idea about how to make it right in every way possible. I suggest you get started to read this post the moment you arrive and let’s begin.

What is caput succedaneum?


For those of you who don’t know that caput succedaneum is a kind of condition that is referred to edema, swelling on an infant’s scalp which appears in shape of bump and lumps in its head after the delivery shortly. For much reason, this condition is considered harmless and due to the pressure is put on the infant’s head during the delivery, this one does not do much damage to its bones and brains of the cranium. There are many people who say babies get involved in many birth injuries and this one is quite rare to happen.

However, this type of issue ca leads to many other problems like jaundice. Though this one is caused by many other factors and certainly you don’t get confused and compare it to the cephalohematoma that is related to bleeding under the baby’s scalp.

What are the causes of caput succedaneum?

Putting too much pressure on the vaginal walls on the baby’s head can cause puffiness, bruising, and swelling. These are the hallmark causes of caput. Having a long difficult labor with so much pushing can certainly cause this kind of condition. The use of vacuum birth head shape or forceps also increases the risk of swelling.

The scalp swelling may be more likes to get rapture quite early while in labor. In some other cases if there is too much fluid in the amniotic sac then mother’s pelvic bone will out a whole lot more pressure on the baby’s head. As a result, the scalp swelling may occur even before labor and delivery time. In other sensible words the longer the fluid’s cushion around the baby, the lower chance of having swelling in the scalp.

What is the difference between cephalohematoma vs caput succedaneum?

It is very important to know about each baby delivering problem from the start to any mother or doctor who is tending her during pregnancy so this will prevent any kind of birth injury and also you will be ready for this kind of problem. Today there are more than 45% of cases are shown the positive sign of having this issue, because some mothers are new to pregnancy and do not take the advice of how to carry baby in womb properly. But this is not the real case, you need to define the odds and learn the difference between cephalohematoma vs caput succedaneum to give you a perfect idea in every way possible.

1) Caput succedaneum:

Caput succedaneum is a kind of edema appears in the scalp of the baby’s neonate part in the head. It also appears in the vortex of the baby’s head as a result of putting too much pressure against the mother’s cervix. Slowly the edema in caput succedaneum crosses the line and involves to the wide areas of the head with a size of a bigger egg or bump on  newborn head.

Some noticeable causes:

  • Prolonged difficulty in delivery
  • The mechanical trauma of some portion of the scalp pushing the narrow cervix of mother
  • Vacuum extractions

Some symptoms and signs of Caput succedaneum:

  • Puffy and soft swelling in the part of scalp of newborn baby’s head
  • Scalp swelling extended with across the midline over the suture
  • Also associated with the increased molding of the baby’s head
  • Swelling may have some degree of bruising and discoloration

2) cephalohematoma:

Cephalhematoma is a kind of collection of blood that comes between the skull bone and the bone of the head. This one occurs on both sides of the baby’s head. The reason is quite simple the forms over occipital bones are swelling and not typically present at the birth but instead develops after the delivery within the first 48 hours after birth. You can say that this type of issue only occurs when the baby is out and slowly getting bigger but some blockages do the pain inside its head.

Some noticeable causes of Cephalhematoma:

  • Instrumental delivery
  • The rapture of the capillary due to the pressure during birth

Some symptoms and signs:

  • Discoloration of too much swelling due to the presence of blood coagulated
  • The clear edge which ends with the lines of suture
  • Swelling of baby’s head with 24 or 48 hours after birth

How you can diagnosis or test of Caput succedaneum?

We all know that caput succedaneum is not a good condition for any newborn baby, if you ever get to encounter it then your first step it to completely diagnose it and test to learn how to prevent it and come with solid and right treatment methods. There is no kind of formal testing required and perform any diagnoses but rather physician will perform an examination to access the symptoms to learn the core problems in a quick way. Here are some diagnostic changes you will learn including,

  1.  Puffiness under the skin of the scalp
  2.  Molding get increased in head
  3.  The scalp color changes and bruising gets deeper
  4.  The scalp swelling across the baby’s suture and midlines

Are there any others birth injuries in newborn that could appear?

Who would have thought that there are many kinds of other health conditions would appear during the birth deliveries? After scalp swelling, there are other conditions a baby could face athetoid cerebral palsy or brachial plexus infant that is the network of nerves that appear in the neck and arm. In other words, you can say that this issue can do a huge impact on the baby’s physical body and stop the movement of the shoulder, arm, fingers, hands, and many more.

Here palsy means the weaknesses the brachial plexus cause loss of motion and arm weakness. You will be surprised to see that more than 1,200 babies got this condition in the world. This one often caused the neck stretched out to one side during the difficult time of delivery.

That baby who has brachial plexus injury at birth can recover from both movements, and feeling affected in their arms. With the regular physical therapy exercise, the parents can play a major role to put effort and helping their baby to recover and properly functions its affected area of the body.

Here are some symptoms of brachial plexus infants:

  • Loss of feeling in one arm
  • Partial or total get paralysis in the arm
  • Develop weakness in one side of the arm

Which is the perfect method to treat baby shoulder dystocia?

No matter what the odds are you have to make sure your baby remains in perfect condition. The newborn baby would arguably get involved in brachial plexus infant and to recover from it becomes difficult on their own. So after taking it to the doctor who will re-examine the baby’s frequent condition in its nervous system to help it grow slowly approximately up to 2 years of time. Here are two ways you can choose,

1) Non-surgical treatment:

This is very easy to option where using daily physical therapy can help to prevent the palsy in child. The baby cannot move due to the affected arm and it’s the duty of parents to take role actively to keep the joints and muscle functioning to where muscle fir in every way possible. The doctor or the physical therapist will teach you how to exercises could get done with the baby to keep the arm in good condition.

Using the daily exercises with a long range of therapy sessions could begin a new journey of the baby to move the arm within 4 weeks. The joints will get better over the period of time and baby bruise on head would get controlled as well.

2) Surgical treatment:

However, if there are no changes comes over the 4 to 6 months, the doctor may suggest doing a surgery to improve the nerve system. In this one, the surgeons will use high power microscope with specialized instruments to restore the full nerve and normal function that usually does not become helpful for an older baby.

They will go through with a nerve graft, and nerve transfer surgeries to help repair the rupture and restore the arm functionality using a muscle donor.

What is the excellent way to treat caput succedaneum?

You will be happy to know that this type of condition baby bruises on head would get resolve in a few days time. There is no actual treatment is required usually, but the reality is that in an attempt to drain scalp area may even lead to some infection. Since the bruising cause it to break down and put your baby at risk you should not get worried, this type of condition is natural to happen and will get sorted out itself. You just need to run the diagnoses and never left the scars untreated.

There are still some possible chances that your baby will develop some major and serious medical issues like, brain damage, or even an infant’s death. Just make your doctor gets the blood test reports and also keep monitoring the effects for one month and give him property attention with medicine.

Is this related to the gender of the baby would prove great to have benefits before delivery?

Now, at a time of pregnancy, every parent and their families always use many things to find out the gender of the baby so they can make and prepare something on his birth. There are many ways that people often try to find out the real gender of a baby. That’s because everyone keeps arguing that they want a boy and some say they want a girl, even though we all get so much excitement in these situations that we don’t understand what we are doing. This can also help you know bump on newborn head.

We simply can’t wait for a long period of nine long months and just want to see the true gender of our unborn babies. It is totally relevant that you can see the gender of your baby before its birth there is no denying that the parents who are responsible for this can take any steps to make sure their baby is in a safe position or the mother is in the perfect shape to give a birth a child.

Chinese charts genders

One of the most unique ways to find the gender of the baby is by Chinese charts genders it very old and very effective way to find the true sex of your baby. The way it works by it predicts the month of the baby’s mother birthday. 90% of the Chinese charts are being correct because it predicts the gender of the mother’s birth date to the baby’s birth date.

Urine gender test

Even though this test has been around for many years now, and it is certainly not recommended for any pregnant woman. But if you still want to see the gender of your baby, then it involves the small amount of urine in a jar and there will be a chemical reaction immediately if the mixture turns dark brown then you are carrying a boy and if the mixture doesn’t change its color then you are expecting a girl.

Carrying high and lows

Most people believe in the way of telling the gender of their baby, just simply looking at her belly. If the belly is high then it is a girl and if it low then it is a boy. It is a theory of the believers who strongly use this to see the position of the baby and the woman’s weight.

Guessing competition

Guessing is the most common and unique way because 50% of its guess goes correctly. Many people believe in this theory especially the pregnant women is always guessing right who they are carrying 71% according to a survey. It seems like a reasonable thing to them.

Some additional tips that will prove great for parents while dealing cephalohematoma vs caput:

Most parents often times get confused and scared about the appearance of their baby with a caput succedaneum. But head may become abnormally larger in looking, building around with an affected scalp. Just keep in mind that this is a normal appearance of a child and since occurs shortly after birth you don’t need to get panic, instead the physician will able to take response time and will immediately detect the problem.

The baby’s head will resume to in normal shape after swelling gets down on its own. Parents are advised to stick to their baby and let the athetoid cerebral palsy gets sorted out.

Final verdict:

Caput succedaneum is one of those health conditions that where newborn has to struggle enough and go through tough times in order to get better. This condition could get away naturally. However, if the symptoms are not likely to disappear then it might be the time to call the physician who will check and examine the body of a baby. As the baby develops jaundice which is considered a serious problem but with proper examines, diagnosis, and treatment it can get away perfectly.

All you parents out there who are ready to pop-up the baby in nine months should be able to learn this latest information to help you get ready mentally and overcome the odds in so many ways. In that way, your baby will born healthy and well.

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